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What sets ExecuNet apart?

Unlike mass job sites and broad social networks, we're a full-service, private membership organization tuned exclusively to helping senior-level executives attract rewarding new opportunities (even in this tough market); get "unstuck" and transition into gratifying new careers; maximize their leadership performance; and get better business results.

The best and brightest executives gather here daily to:

  • Connect with the right people and build the relationships they need to be successful
  • Gain actionable insight and practical know-how that delivers results
  • Attract new opportunities, including plum $150K+ executive jobs
  • Get the personal support needed to ensure their success

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Our Belief:

ExecuNet has over 20 years experience helping top-flight executives succeed in their careers and business.

We believe that what senior-level executives (CMO, CIO, CTO, COO, CFO, President, VP, EVP and Director-level executives) crave most is know-how, and that once they have it, this knowledge is what they apply to be successful every day. We believe that with the right know-how — and the right "know who" — you can make any opportunity happen.